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Salty Sailors, Shanties & Shyppe Swallowers


Date: Saturday 29th November | 6pm – 12pm  | Admission: FREE & Cash Pay Bar

Roll up your bell-bottom trousers and join the LV21 crew for an entertaining evening celebrating and sharing tales of our rich local maritime heritage.

The ship is decked from stem to stern with volunteers from our Culture Guide partner organisations Big Fish Arts, Faversham Creek Trust, Medway Queen Preservation Society and The Criterion Blue Town Heritage Centre. Plumb the depths of these restoration and heritage projects and enjoy the nautically themed entertainment onboard while quenching your thirst with a grog or two.

Artists and performers will bring history alive by spinning yarns of nautical legends throughout the evening…

Get immersed in The Art of the Magic Lantern performance with artists Frog Morris and Nicole Mollett telling tall tales and sharing fantastical visions of Kent’s maritime heritage and lightships in days gone by through contemporary fables using photographic slides created onboard LV21 with help from local young people to construct a site-specific story, reflecting local issues old and new.

south-goodwin-wreckBig Fish Arts will perform two nautical shadow theatre vignettes inspired by the shifting seabed of the treacherous Goodwin Sands; The Ghostly Tale of the Lady Lovibund followed by a dramatized ballad The Shyppe Swallower about the infamous disaster of the South Goodwin Light Vessel 60 years ago in November 1954.

Straight out seawards and eastwards of the old quaint town of Deal lie the Goodwin Sands, basking in the sun like some marine monster whose giant snout is just awash towards the north, and only now and then emerges out of the sea to seize with hungry jaws its prey of men and ships, with huge feelers and claws reaching from its broad waist landwards towards Deal, while the tail of this grisly terror coils itself away to the southward, full many a mile of sea…

Sam the Shantyman will conclude the shindig, moulding the most unlikely bunch of landlubbers into a top-notch crew of salty seadogs fit to grace any of the leaky old tubs they call sailing boats. Sam leads his crew from raising the anchor at the outset of the voyage right through to finally pumping the boat dry when home again. And unlike the sailormen of old he will guarantee to return you to your loved ones fit and well with most of your teeth intact…

This event is supported by the EU funded Culture Guide Project in Swale and Medway. If you have an interest in Maritime Heritage and Nautical Crafts you could become a Culture Guide – helping local heritage projects to develop creative community events while learning new skills and sharing experiences with other partner organisations in Europe. You can meet Katie Rees from Voluntary Arts onboard throughout the evening if you would like to find out more about this new volunteering opportunity.


Please note

The renovation of the vessel is an ongoing process and as such some areas are not accessible.

Children under 16 need to be accompanied by an adult at all times aboard the vessel. Wear suitable flat, non-slip shoes. Please contact LV21 if you want to discuss any access issues.

Free parking available on site. For directions to Light Vessel 21 please visit our contact page.



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