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We’re delighted that LV21 features in Stitch Stories: Personal Places, Spaces and Traces in Textile Art, the latest publication by the acclaimed textile artist, author and teacher Cas Holmes, whose textile work is often inspired by her life, the journeys she makes and people she meets. Read more

LV21 Coast Magazine

We’re fans of Coast magazine here at LV21 so it was extra special to see Light Vessel 21 featured in the July 2012 issue, available now. Päivi appears in this month’s ‘coastal character’ article.

We’re planning a range of activities and performances over the summer months (news coming soon) so make sure you sign up to our newsletter and social networks to keep up to date with all our latest events.

Last week we were visited by BBC Radio Kent and web team. We will be participating in a live broadcast on the BBC Radio Kent breakfast show 8.30am Monday 25th Jan when you can hear ex crew member Brian Packham recount his experiences on board and his memories of the collision at Varne in 1981. For a taster of Brian’s story go to the audio slideshow on the BBC website where you can also read the news article. Read more