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BBC coverage of LV21

BBC coverage of LV21

Last week we were visited by BBC Radio Kent and web team. We will be participating in a live broadcast on the BBC Radio Kent breakfast show 8.30am Monday 25th Jan when you can hear ex crew member Brian Packham recount his experiences on board and his memories of the collision at Varne in 1981. For a taster of Brian’s story go to the audio slideshow on the BBC website where you can also read the news article.

Since the weather has become milder we have been able to make some progress with basic maintenance and preparations for connecting to services. A custom gangway is being designed so access will soon be much easier. (Well done to all shipmates that have so far braved our gang plank at low tide!). Our bank of batteries are in good condition and still have a fair charge – we flicked the switch at the weekend – we have light and power albeit a little limited at the moment. Once we have shore power we will be able to boost the batteries and use them as back up and emergency supply.

The warm weekend weather brought people out to visit us and we welcomed some 40+ shipmates on board for quick tours. Ex crew man Brian slipped into the role of tour master – he does know the ship inside and out after all – and there were many climbs up the lantern to look at the view across the Medway. We met some interesting people with a wide variety of skills. It’s been good to get such positive feedback from a cross section of the community including other berth holders at the pier and random passers by.


Before anyone notices my `deliberate mistake’, how could it be that I last saw her on the 31st June 1981, when there are only 30 days in June. I’ll put it down to my emotional state of mind at the time, or it might be my age !!