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LV21 hosts Tipple 101

LV21 hosts Tipple 101
Tipple LV21

Ok, so it took us some time to recharge our batteries after the spectacle of Focal Point, but the latest exciting news is that we will be hosting Tipple101 (aka Shipple) on board LV21 starting at 7:30pm on Tuesday 24th. Some light refreshments will be provided but please do bring your own coffee/beer/wine.

For those unfamiliar with Tipple/Tuttle (and recently coined Shipple), Lloyd Davis, the founder of Tuttle London describes it as “a loose association of people finding a way of working better together both online and off.”

People are participants of Tuttle/Tipple, not members or attendees. Everyone who experiences Tuttle/Tipple walks away with their own unique experience and perception of its unframework, open-social-approach and value; but almost all describe it as ‘fun and inspiring’. The idea of hosting Tipple101 on Light Vessel 21 is simply to introduce the growing community to the potential of the lightship and our vision, and this we hope will ultimately inspire people into support and participation – a few people meet on the vessel and then go on to collaborate in something that’s socially beneficial… let’s see what happens!

If you’d like to sign up to the 101 Community Update email please visit:


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