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LV21 Wins Culture & Design Awards

LV21 Wins Culture & Design Awards
Culture And Design Award

Light Vessel 21 was recently awarded the Best Heritage Project at the Medway Culture and Design Awards. The Fuse Festival finale performance Focal Point also won in the Performing Arts category, an accolade we share with our collaborators Scarabeus and The World Famous.

The judges described LV21 as “an exciting venue that knocks you out” and the ship was also commended in 3 other categories – Outstanding Achievement, Best Newcomer and Partnership Working. It’s been a busy first year for us and it’s always nice to get recognition for the progress that we have made to date. In true award winning fashion there are a number of people and organisations we would like to thank for helping us along the way:

• Dave and Petra – KT
• Brian Packham – ex crew member
• John Kempton – Medway Queen
• Kate Hazel, Dawn Archer & Mandy Thwaites – Medway Fuse Festival / Medway Arts Team
• Emma Wilcox – Kent Arts Development Unit
• Our collaborators to date including Scarabeus, The World Famous, Periplum
• Andrew Baldwin – sculptor
• Peter Chapman & Roy Brooks – Intrada Engineering / Scotline
• Mick Clarke – GPS
• Ed Woollard – HMS2 Project
• Kent Probation community payback
• Tuttle101 and Tipple101 community
• Colin Turner – radio operator – and Hilary for keeping us eating well!
• And of course the LV21 ShipMates, family and friends

No doubt we’ve missed someone off the list so apologies in advance.

We have some exciting projects planned for the coming weeks and into the new year. Announcements to follow soon.


You deserved to win every one of those categories and more. You two are an inspiration and as I have said many times before it’s projects and people like you that make me go to work and try wherever I can to make it easier for you to succeed.

Well done and congratulations to everyone who has worked with you to get the ship to where it is.

I originally posted a comment on the 15th but for some reason it didn’t land – this time round I get the additional chance to say its great to see news and photos of 33 complete portholes, the crew have been busy as usual! ‘~)

I’d just like to take this opportunity (and I’m sure I speak on behalf of the 101 Community) to say congratulations and a rather loud WELL DONE! Light Vessel 21 is an inspirational project and a worthy winner, and I look forward to watching and supporting your activities and developments well into the future.

Hopefully see you aboard soon!
Carl @FellowCreative