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Wayne Hemingway On LV21

Wayne Hemingway On LV21

Designer and entrepreneur Wayne Hemingway adds his support to the LV21 project.

“The Lightship Project seems to hit all the right spots. It sustainably brings back to life an iconic piece of local heritage and in doing so provides a home and venue for the local creative industries, a sector of the British economy that is second only to the service sector. The creative sector is creating employment and nationally is proving a catalyst to regeneration. Carefully thought out this project should bring serendipity, opportunity and inward investment to the Medway.”

Wayne set up Hemingway Design in 1999 a company that specializes in affordable and social design. He is also Chairman of Building for Life.



I saw the LV21 whilst down at the Strand area with my wife. Is it possible to hire a function room once a month for a radio club meeting? A tea and coffee facility would help.I’ve worked on Radio Waddenzee in Holland which is housed on the LV18 by the way as cook and transmitter engineer and the ’21 seems a lot bigger! Thanks and good luck to you all. Colin Turner